Featured Poet: Madhuri ZK Ewing (Hebden Bridge)

Californian born Madhuri has lived in India, Italy, Amsterdam and various parts of England.  Her poetry collections include Impassioned Cows by Moonlight, Love at Dancing Trees, More About the Moon and A Colourful Dessert of Flowers.  Madhuri reads regularly on the Calder Valley poetry circuit, and more information on her wonderful poetry can be seen here http://oshoinuk.com/madhuri-books-poetry/

Taking the Train Across Canada in April

Still ice out there –
Risen like cream onto lakes
Snow lies in pools
Circled like arms under thin and many

I reach for ice
To be covered over, and left, unbothered
To steep and barely dream
For long, and so long, and long enough –
Until some Spring I cannot speak of
And should not think about
At all.


Oh pupa-souled grubworm
You were thirsty –
Oh, just an incidental thirst
Shunted through your hulky body
This whole life long

And the supersize Styrofoam drink-cup
From your sugared quenching
Tossed on the roadside
Will be there when Earth’s last screams
Move amongst the shards of heaven.
The cigarette filter pitched there too
Will last five hundred years.

You were hungry, and your cake-plate
Made of sheerest plastic
Will linger crisp and large
Beside the cow-splat – it’s your turdive contribution,
Since your spoor is flushed away

Your incidental sperm
Leaping like athletes in an unloved woman
Will populate the earth for aeons
With persons hungry for their soul-shine
Cramming on McDonald’s
Becoming snarky litterers gross
Lumbering in townships built on foam –
Soldiers in the war on roadside ditches.
Which is it of the human glitches
Narrow as a headlight on the road
Makes you proud to drop your crop of crap
Each evening? Plastic bag like a deformed dove
Upon the loam?

Does this careless issue
Strewn like dead but deathless seed
Make you feel important,
Oh speck in the wind? Oh mirthless, muddled weed?

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