Caterpillar Poetry publications list

Complete list of collections published by Caterpillar Poetry - chronological from page bottom; latest always top.
All books available - please email  or try the Amazon page, soon to be updated.  Additionally some books are available from selected book shops and other sources, and in Calderdale Libraries and Leeds Libraries. 

Steve Nash: The Calder Valley Codex
Published: 31st October 2016
isbn: 978-0-00-000978-4
Price: £6.66

Bob Horne: Knowing My Place
Published: 5th July 2016
isbn: 978-0-957504-02-8
Price: £7.99


Nuala Fagan: Not All Birdsong 
Published: 19th November 2015
isbn: 978-0-957504-01-1
Price: £4.50

Simon Zonenblick: Dream Sequence  
Published: 7th October 2013
Price: £1


Simon Zonenblick: Little Creatures (Poems of insects, small mammals and micro-organisms) 
Published: 8th April 2013
Price: £4


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